Introducing automated local landing pages for multi-location businesses.

Easily launch & manage 1000s of brand-compliant landing pages from a single Google Sheet

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RallyMind makes it painless for multi-location businesses
to control & optimize landing pages at scale

Create better local business pages for message matching, promos, profiles, and updated info
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Automated landing page software that lets you:
  1. Instantly add or update pages
  2. Get up and running in 7 days
  3. Scale from a spreadsheet
  4. Choose from Flexible URL options
  5. Integrate with 3rd party apps & platforms
  6. Manage testing, analytics & reporting externally

Built-in Location Finder

Locations are geolocated (lat/lon), so they’re searchable from Location Finder, RallyMind’s powerful store locator.

Location Finder supports automatic geolocation, autocompleting address search, distances in miles or kms, search within radius and more.

See how easy it is to edit & update pages
from a Google Sheet

Get professionally-built, scalable pages in just 7 days

Professional, branded dynamic landing pages aren’t built in 10 minutes by marketers with “no design experience.”
They’re built by us.
Step 1: Tell us what you need
Step 1: Tell us what you need

Your Dedicated Onboarding Consultant will guide you through the setup process. Give us your brand goals, images, copy, integrations and other assets and constraints so your page meets every requirement.

You don’t have to deal with pre-built templates, drag & drop headaches or missing brand fonts.

Step 2: Get back to your day job while we build your Master Template
Step 2: Get back to your day job while we build your Master Template

Your Master Template is built according to your needs and specifications. 3rd party integrations, APIs and migrations are implemented and connected with no work on your part.

Your template includes static elements that are consistent across pages and dynamic components that will be unique for each page. Pages are hosted by RallyMind and live on your domain.

Step 3: Launch & easily update your landing pages
Step 3: Launch & easily update your landing pages

Build your first landing page by adding a row to your Google Sheet with the text, images and other data you need. Instantly make changes to your landing pages by updating your Google Sheet with current information.

Step 4: Scale your campaigns
Step 4: Scale your campaigns

Your sheet is easily shared and edited by anyone on your team. Adding a new page is as simple as creating a new row.

We power local marketing campaigns

"Loving it! We've been seeing improvement in our Quality Score on our SEM campaigns. I was able to create (landing pages) super easily on RallyMind which is super awesome.”

Growth Marketing Analyst

Employment Search Company

“I manage the digital marketing programs for our 750+ retail partners. We needed 100-400 landing pages immediately. We chose RallyMind.”

Retail Digital Marketing Strategist

Digital Agency

“RallyMind is when you need to spin up 10, 100, or even 1000 live landing pages. And maybe more importantly, when you need to update said 1000 landing pages.”


Marketing Technology

All your integrations without hiccups or headaches

No more wasting hours and days troubleshooting tools that claim to connect in minutes.
We connect your favorite and “gotta have” integrations. Your time lost: 0 seconds.
Rallymind Integrations - Mixpanel Rallymind Integrations - Google Analytics Rallymind Integrations - Salesforce Rallymind Integrations - Optimizely Rallymind Integrations - Google Tag Manager
65+ vetted 3rd party vendors - from CRM software to Appointment Scheduling.
  1. Google Tag Manager
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Optimizely
  4. Salesforce
  5. Keap
  1. Infusionsoft
  2. Mixpanel
  3. Marchex
  4. Telemetrics
  5. Callrail
  1. Acquisio
  2. Wordpress
  3. Zapier
  4. Google Sheets
  5. Google Ads
  1. Adobe Analytics
  2. Chatmeter
  3. Epsilon
  5. Hatchbuck
  1. Intercom
  2. Mailchimp
  3. Recaptcha
  4. Twilio
  5. Stripe
  1. Paypal
  2. YEXT
  3. Synup
  4. SOCi
  5. Agendize

See how RallyMind solves big landing page challenges for big brands

Fortune 1000 Franchises
Fortune 1000 Franchises

For consistent co-branding across 400+ independently owned franchises and 3 distinct brands, a Fortune 1000 company relies on RallyMind for geographically-targeted on-brand landing pages for paid search campaigns.

1300+ Location Pages
1300+ Location Pages

A U.S. national grocery store chain with 1300+ locations migrated from static systems to real-time location management with RallyMind. Using RallyMind, they update maps and data such as address, phone and hours of operation for all location pages, which are optimized for SEO.

Brand to Local Co-Op Marketing Program
Brand to Local Co-Op Marketing Program

The leading channel marketing company uses RallyMind to generate brand compliant landing pages for a market leader in manufacturing of home appliances. RallyMind powers 750+ co-branded landing pages with the manufacturer's latest product catalog wrapped in the look/ feel of the local dealer.

Change any landing page element directly from Google Sheet fields

  • headlines & subheadings
  • web copy
  • location details
  • phone numbers
  • hours of operation
  • maps and directions
  • social links
  • outbound links
  • team & agent portraits
  • logos & photos
  • theme & accent colors
  • hosted videos
  • show / hide content via toggle
  • show / hide content via date
  • page disable date
  • language options
  • domain & URL
  • HTTP vs HTTPs
  • SEO attributes
  • meta data & title tags
  • noindex options
  • analytics IDs
  • campaign IDs

Plus, integrate any API or data set, including…

  • Location data - From business listing management systems
  • Segment data - From CRMs and Marketing Clouds
  • Product and inventory feeds
  • Vertical-specific data - Real estate listings, auto dealer feeds

Future-proof your pages

Your page content, reporting & insights aren’t locked inside a landing page builder.
Easily connect with & use other platforms so your content is fully accessible everywhere.
Targeted Financial Service Campaigns
URL Best Practices

Whether single domains to subdomains to subdirectories

Simplified Career Matching
Robust APIs

Build landing pages without ever accessing the landing page builder

Fortune 1000 Franchises
Full Analytics

Track everything and create custom reports

Realtime Travel Booking
Integration Partners

65+ vetted 3rd party vendors - from CRM software to Appointment Scheduling

1300+ Location Pages
Single Sign On

Integrates with your current workflow environment.

Brand to Local Co-Op Marketing Program
Bolt on to Existing CMS

Rallymind works with traditional CMS platforms i.e. Sitecore, Adobe, Acquia, Wordpress.

The enterprise landing page solution your team won’t outgrow

“We needed scalability at a pretty fast clip. But with anything else, we needed it at a cost effective price point to make sure our local branches didn't feel the pinch. RallyMind lets us scale without headaches so we can focus on driving leads.”
- SEM manager

Save on Annual Pricing

Master Template
Up to 10
Up to 10
Unique Landing Pages
Up to 100
Up to 200
Up to 500
Page Views
New customers add one-time fee of $2000 for full-service Onboarding Consulting, Master Template development, migrations, 3rd party integrations, hosting & setup.
*For 500+ landing pages, contact us for pricing.

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