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Automated Landing Pages Using Google Sheets Integration

July 10, 2017

No more manual imports and exports. Automatically sync RallyMind Landing Pages to a Google Spreadsheet. Google Sheets is part of Google Drive and let's you create spreadsheets online for easy sharing, collaborating, and updating by your entire team. Using Google Sheets with RallyMind will allow you to push and pull information from Google Sheets into all dynamically populated Landing Pages in RallyMind. Allowing you to get your campaigns live in real-time. How it works ...

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Optimizely custom event goals across multiple landing page URLs

June 20, 2017

Every landing page that is created on RallyMind is auto-tagged with event tracking tied to all the actions a visitor could take. Examples of the events we track: Form Fills Click to Call Outgoing Links Get Directions Scheduling + More Optimizely Plugin Using our Optimizely plugin, you can quickly publish the Optimizely A/B code to a single landing page or to all landing pages (10s, 100s) you have grouped within a particular campaign. Optimizely Custom ...

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Implementing Google Tag Manager across hundreds of websites

June 13, 2017

Tag management systems (TMS) make it simple for your Campaign Managers to manage, implement and maintain tags on your digital experiences (Sites and Landing Pages) with an easy to use web interface. Using Google Tag Manager has been an integral foundation for our partner agencies and brands to organize data collection and add retargeting/conversion codes. Adding GTM codes requires placement of the code in specific places within the HTML of a Site, which can ...

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Generate Landing Pages via API

May 26, 2017

Once you have your campaign content and Master Template setup, you will have access to a "Theme ID", which can then be used when generating new Landing Pages. As part of the API call to create a new landing page, you can include Business, Location, and Site (Landing Page) details. Here is an example of a simple request using basic information: POST /api/v2/sites/ {   "title":"NuVision",   "theme_id": 43927,   "formatted_domain":"",   "base_directory": "/take-control ...

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