Frequent Questions

Simple answers to your most common questions

How fast can my campaign be live?

We move fast! Your campaign can go live in days versus months. Ask about our guarantee to have you up and running in less than 15 days!

Can I use custom fields (specialties, designations, tracking IDs)?

Yes! In addition to our standard fields (Location Info, Phone Numbers) we also support custom fields to cater to your company's specific needs. This can include things like outbound links, product specialties, or image/video assets. We will then use these custom fields to build out your campaign content.

What URL and Domain configuration options does RallyMind support?

With full flexibility in mind, we support all URL configuration options that a brand would request. RallyMind landing pages can be hosted under subdomains (, subdirectories ( or unique domain registrations (

What other services and technologies work great with RallyMind?

The RallyMind experience can be enhanced with some of the latest and greatest technologies related to campaign performance. We have integrations with Optimizely, Hubspot, and Google Tag Manager to name a few!

What do you track as far as analytics go?

We are integrated with Mixpanel, Google Analytics and a number of other Analytics platforms to track conversion events on your pages. All landing pages published with RallyMind are automatically tagged for different conversion types. These include Forms, Click to Call, Outgoing links, and more.

Where are my pages hosted?

Good question! RallyMind is a fully hosted and managed system. No need to involve your IT team to get started. Our platform is enterprise ready and we provide comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLA)s with guaranteed uptime and reliability.