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Generating Leads For Your Vacation Rental Property

January 31, 2018

Looking to get started freeing your vacation rental business from sites like HomeAway and Flipkey?

We understand for most vacation rental owners it can be daunting to try to create a site from scratch, optimizing for SEO, and then trying to drive traffic to it as a means to break away from popular listing sites.

But now with our flagship product RallyMind, no longer will you have to do the hard work that keeps most vacation rentals owners from DIY vacation rental pages and can begin to leverage our platform’s ease of use and scalability to manage and create a brand around your vacation rentals, without having to be an I.T expert or know any.

Find your own independence from listing sites by using a master design template set up courtesy of DevHub to create the look and feel that your page will rely on, all you have to do is write content relevant for your property.

Easily launch multiple vacation rental landing pages from tying every element/macro from your master design template to a spreadsheet, so creating the next variation of your brand compliant vacation rental landing page will be as simple as copying and pasting a row in a spreadsheet.

Landing pages will have the right structural SEO components so getting ranked and optimizing for targeted traffic is easier than ever before.

RallyMind has the ability to integrate with your preferred booking engine, scheduler and can even route from bookings to your preferred CRM.

With No long term contracts and 100% support from DevHub’s team to get you started and meeting your onboarding goals learn more about how DevHub can work with your vacation rental to generate more bookings.