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How to Match AdWords Ad Copy to Landing Pages for a Boost to Conversions

May 24, 2018

Message Matching with Landing Pages

Here's something that might shock you: even marketers that have been using Adwords for years to advertise are still making one crucial mistake. There is a disconnect between their ad copy and the landing pages that the copy is linked to.

Let that sink in for a minute. Consider how much money a business spends on ad campaigns that advertise effectively, only to throw away their opportunity to seal the deal with an irrelevant landing page. This disconnect between ad copy and landing pages is extremely common and causes two things to happen:

Google lowers your keyword quality score if your landing page isn't relevant to your ad copy, causing your PPC campaign to cost more.

Consumers will click on an ad and find a different offer than the one they clicked, losing potential conversions.

The Importance of Message Matching

In the business of digital marketing, ensuring that your ad copy matches your landing page copy is called "message matching."
An effective ad has an offer: "40% off running shoes," for example. If someone clicks on the ad to save on running shoes and the landing page CTA is for hiking boots, they're going to close that tab more often than not.

Here's another scenario: Your ad offers the same discount on running shoes, but it redirects to your home page. Some interested consumers will navigate away from your home page to find the offer from your ad copy. However, as a general rule, the more clicks a person has to make to find what they're looking for, the less likely they are to finish the transaction. These are qualified leads that you're leaving on the table because of a simple (but frustratingly common) error.

How to Perfect Your Matching

There is a (nearly) foolproof method you can use to ensure that the message and feel of your landing page match the ad that it is linked to: put yourself in the shoes of the consumer.

Most companies create customer personas for their target audience, developing sample customers that make up different demographics that they believe are most likely to purchase their product. By viewing your content through the eyes of a customer persona, you can experience the marketing funnel the way that they do.

Imagine you're a consumer who is browsing your Facebook news feed, and you see the ad for running shoes. You think about it and realize that it's about time you bought yourself new running shoes, so you click on the ad. Once you follow the ad to the landing page, consider your first impressions of it. Does it provide basic information about the company and the variety of shoes being sold? Does it offer simple navigation to the offer you clicked? If not, then your landing page needs to be optimized to match your ad copy.

A Scalable Solution

This practice is simple if you have few campaigns. Simply follow the steps in the example for each different ad and make sure the landing page is optimized to match each one. But what happens if your business is, for example, a major retailer that has a separate ad for every product? How do you fine-tune your message when you're dealing with an issue of scale?

RallyMind can help. Using a landing page template, you can input campaign-specific information. We generate relevant, high-quality landing pages for every AdWords campaign, whether you have a few dozen or several thousand.

Let us show you how to leverage RallyMind to create 10s, 100s, or 1000s of high converting landing pages for your campaigns.