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Reverse Proxy

September 30, 2019

Using DevHub's dynamic reverse proxy platform, seamlessly mirror a customer's existing website.

Host it under your own URL/domain, enable full analytics and event tracking, and add call tracking.

Dynamic: Content is fetched in real time. Any changes to the customer's existing site will be reflected on the proxy site without re-configuration/re-publishing.

Caching: In the case that the original site is down or inaccessible, we can serve a cached version of the site for up to 30 days.

Alerts and Monitoring: Custom monitoring and alerts can be enabled for any reverse proxy. Error codes (404s, 500), domain issues, find/replace missing.

The DevHub platform has been built over time to support all the latest web standards, web platforms, and special server configurations to allow for proxying any customer's original site. If a platform or technology is discovered that our system is not compatible with out of the box, we take the approach to solve the root cause of the problem and add native support for that platform into DevHub. This saves time by eliminating repetitive manual configuration by your provisioning teams each time that platform is encountered.

Image Replacements: Upload and serve an alternate version of an image or photo within the proxy

Phone Replacements: Replace all phone numbers or replace specific phone numbers with call tracking within the content of the proxy

Header, Footer, and Custom CSS: Inject any custom code into the proxy for tracking, integration, and full customization control

Caching Options: Enable full caching options to serve images and content quickly 

Enable HTTPS: Toggle to enable and provision SSL certificates to any proxy domain 

Auto-Linking Domains: Proxies can be aware of other proxies inside your instance and automatically change links to point to those proxies

For more information, go here to see our site all about reverse proxy!