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Run Campaigns Faster — Implement Pixels Without Code

December 20, 2018

Implement any marketing tool, tracker or pixel without waiting for your dev team, or a complicated tag manager, using a simple visual editor.

Tracking your users and implementing analytics and marketing automation tools on hundreds of landing pages is time-consuming and expensive.

With Kodeless, marketers can easily deploy the tools they work with (analytics, CRM, advertising platforms, etc) and send user behavior data using a simple, visual editor.

  • Reduce your workload and tag your sites faster
  • Launch campaigns faster
  • Collect unified data that is easy to analyze across your tools
  • Never lose data again

This tool solves for…

  • Creating a standard data dictionary that marks it easier to match data
  • Getting real-time notifications when data points break
  • Easily detecting double entries of data and improve data accuracy

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