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Site Migration (for Beginners!)

September 3, 2019

To facilitate a migration, there are normally a few fields at minimum that are needed: 

What's Required from You:

Domain / URL - Current URL of the site or landing page

Unique ID(s) - Any internal IDs associated with the landing page (Examples: Account ID, Customer ID, Order ID, etc.)

Contact Email - For sending form leads

Business Details - Business name and any other customer details you have

1. Partner sends the full list of sites to be migrated and relevant customer details

2. An analysis of sites to be migrated is performed

3. A migration plan is created, consisting of final timeline, element mapping and population and QA scripts

4. The builder modifies existing or builds custom templates within the builder to house migrated sites

5. Migration of a sampling of sites from previous platform to the new platform

6. QA’s migrated sites for accuracy of content and layout. Multiple re-migrations to address QA issues

7. Partner performs internal QA and signs off on migration

8. Partner changes the DNS for the Sites. Sites are now published live on the new platform!