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The Trend is Your Friend

July 18, 2019

The Trend is Your Friend

Full Disclosure: Neil Patel is an investor in, makers of

Out of 7.7 billion people here on earth, over 3 billion are active social media users as of 2019. That means there is an audience of over 3 billion people and counting engaged in the realm of digital marketing, and are perfectly in reach. To overlook such an essential part of an evolving marketing mix would be damaging for any company seeking success.

The renowned author and famously successful marketer, Neil Patel, called attention to the importance of integrating social media trends into business practices in his article “7 Social Media Trends to Watch and Capitalize on in 2018”. In Patel’s piece he explains how crucial it is to follow the trends in social media, as it tremendously improves connection with consumer interests.

Why Social Media Trends Matter

Any given activity that is considered “normal”, was at one point a new and developing concept until becoming socially accepted as the standard. Take Facebook for example: when this social media platform was revealed to the world it was far from normal. Facebook was unfamiliar, in a good way, and rose as a trend into one of the most successful and influential networks today. In Patel’s wise words “the trend is your friend” because more often than not, a new trend becomes the new normal.

By keeping track of trends, your company has the chance to stay ahead of the competition and be prepared for future advancements in marketing. Incorporating particular social media trends into marketing strategies can increase search engine traffic significantly, boosts brand presence, widens the audience, and ultimately increases sales.

The Future of Local Search

In Patel’s article he lists seven trends to pay attention to in 2018, that have grown even more relevant today:

  1. Social Listening
  2. Live Streaming and Video
  3. Influencer Marketing
  4. Facebook Continues to Set the Pace
  5. Increased Engagement on Messaging Platforms
  6. Instagram Stories
  7. Augmented Reality

Social media usage only continues to increase with every passing moment, while technology rapidly advances. Monitoring such trends goes beyond simply owning social media accounts, rather participating in the “now” of social media. There are various methods in which your company can use to get a foot in the door on the next big thing before everyone else does. In 2019, companies absolutely cannot afford to disregard media trends.