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One Landing Page is Not Enough

July 2, 2018

One Landing Page is Not Enough

When it comes to using AdWords or other PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, marketers often make a crucial error: they think that paying for a campaign is all that's needed, and AdWords will do the work for them.

On the contrary, ad campaigns fail because of pretty common mistakes. One of the most common is building a landing page for campaigns that don't match well--they don't sync up. For example, let's imagine that you're building a series of ad campaigns for a shoe store. You decide to launch PPC campaigns for hiking shoes, athletic shoes, and dress shoes, but you use a landing page for "men's shoes" to try to encompass them all. Efficient and effective, right?

Not exactly, statistics show that the more relevant landing pages are to the ad campaign in question, the more effective they'll be in driving qualified leads. So, if someone clicks on an ad for hiking shoes and the ad sends them to a landing page for a broader category, like men's shoes, they have to do more work to get to a section where they can purchase the item they were looking for in the first place. Some shoppers will go through the extra effort, but some will not, and your lack of message/keyword matching between ad copy and landing page copy has lost you revenue.

Here are some eye-opening stats, courtesy of HubSpot:

  • Less than 50 percent of marketers build a new landing page for each additional PPC category
  • Companies that use more than 30 landing pages get more than 7 times more leads than companies using 10 or fewer
  • Companies that use 40 or more landing pages yield around 12 times more leads than companies using 5 or fewer

This is where marketers, even those with years of experience using AdWords, are still falling prey to a common error that's wasting marketing budgets and not maximizing leads for their respective companies.

So, What's the Solution?

It's pretty clear that one landing page isn't enough. After all, ad copy that sends consumers to a home page is barely more effective than taking your marketing budget and setting it on fire.

It's time to start building landing pages tailored to specific ad campaigns. This is easy when we're talking about 5 or 10 campaigns, but what happens when ads number in the 10s, 100s, or even 1000s?

This is where you start to think about using software to make updates easier. RallyMind specializes in giving marketers the capability to make and manage landing pages to scale. What this means is that if you have, say, 10 landing pages, a pretty manageable number, you may not need to use software specially designed to help you build more pages easily and keep every campaign organized. Once you get into higher numbers, however, you're probably going to need a way to keep track and easily build new landing pages for new campaigns.

That's where RallyMind becomes the industry-leading option for marketers. Using RallyMind's software, marketers can use templates with keywords to populate landing pages for thousands of campaigns, organizing them in a simple spreadsheet for maximum management ease.

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