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Landing Page Relevance: Optimize for Quality Score

July 31, 2017

Landing Page Relevance

One landing page or website is not a fit for all of your performance campaigns.

Whether it’s through paid or organic search and many other marketing channels, most visitors will come to a landing page based on a keyword that states their need or poses their question.

The more personalized any answer to a visitor's question or need is, the more likely they are going to continue through a site’s conversion funnel to the end goal. Making pages more relevant can lead to decreases in bounce rates and increases in engagement and clicks on the call to actions within the Landing Page.

Also, Google takes landing page content relevance into account when calculating their “Quality Score”. Well, officially, Google considers the overall landing page experience, but relevance is a big part of that.

Learn how creating relevant campaign landing pages using RallyMind can increase your conversions and quality scores.

Imagine this scenario

You are a national motorcycle brand. You manufacture all types of motorcycles... Street Bikes, Cruisers, Mopeds. So you naturally will set up multiple campaigns that focus on keywords and ad units that match those Bike types.

The Wrong Way

A lot of brands will take all those campaigns and drive all the visitors straight to their homepage. This makes the visitor work harder to find the specific type of Bike that they were searching for in the first place. Then second, they need to spend more effort find their local Dealer that sells your Brand. This decreases conversion rates, decreases Quality Score, and leads to higher cost-per-click.

Campaign-specific Landing Pages

What if you could automate the creation of one landing page for each of your Adwords campaigns that leads to a custom Headline, Sub-headline, and Background that is super-targeted to the campaign. With content focusing on the particular type of motorcycle the visitors was interested in. This concept is called "Message Matching"

Further, instead of just showing general call to actions, you could also include contact information and hours for the local dealer in their area that sells your brand.

You can start to imagine the possibilities. Hyper-targeted landing pages, managed at scale.

Let us help you

Learn more about how you can leverage RallyMind to create 10s, 100s, or 1000s of campaign-specific landing pages for your Brand.